McVay and the coaches tried to lay a foundation that any quarterback would like.

He had been head coach with the Panthers prior to being hired by the Broncos, spending 2002-2010 on the sideline in Charlotte. Fox took the franchise to its first Super Bowl in only his second season, but failed to reach that plateau in the seven that followed. Despite winning seven games or more every year until 2010, his Carolina teams only finished the season with a winning record three times, leading owner Jerry Richardson to not renew his longtime coach’s contract after a 2-14 campaign that ultimately delivered future MVP Cam Newton to the Panthers.

“Everything we do has the quarterback in mind first, because I think that’s the most difficult position, so you want to make it as easy as possible for those guys,” McVay said. “The things that we’ll accentuate with Jared vs. Kirk, while there’s a similar approach, there are some different things that they each feel comfortable with that we might call. Because ultimately it’s about them feeling good about it, not me.

“I mean, I’ve got a handful of plays that I like but I don’t ever want to run plays that our players aren’t comfortable going and executing. It’s an ongoing thing as I get to know [Jared]. Working with Kirk a little bit longer, you knew what he liked and we were able to grow in a system together.”

To begin with, though, He wanted a run/pass balance, and the Rams ran it (33 times) more than they threw it (31) against Indy. McVay wanted to stay out of long yardage, and Los Angeles faced just eight third downs with more than 5 yards to gain all afternoon.

He called Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green “soft and weak” after a fight earlier in the season and went toe to toe with Steve Smith of the Baltimore Ravens in 2016.

Ramsey could’ve had his Richard Sherman-Erin Andrews moment Sunday, but instead we got a milquetoast interview with the player most likely to cost the Jaguars a chance at a Lombardi Trophy.

Oregon went to the College Football Playoff in 2014 under Helfrich, but eventually lackluster recruiting and bad defense tore down the perennial powerhouse and the coach was fired after four seasons in 2016 with a 37-16 record.

A win would be the first playoff win for the team since 1995.

The longest playoff drought in American sports belongs to MLB’s Seattle Mariners now that the Buffalo Bills did enough to grab the last spot in the AFC. On Sunday, the Bills will play in a postseason game for the first time since January 2000.

Getting to the postseason was a special moment for Buffalo, and came via a miraculous last-minute victory by the Cincinnati Bengals to knock the Baltimore Ravens out of contention. It was a long time coming for the Bills and the importance of the moment was felt by the players and the team’s fans.

That’s when we started this whole family being apart thing, that was a tough transition.He lived out of a car during six months high school.Kory graduated with a Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice degree.Early-down and short-yardage running back 12th-highest overall grade among FBS running backs 2015, sixth among draft-eligible players.

Share with Us.As tough as those assignments are on a night-to-night basis, coach Spoelstra and Winslow believe it’s assignment he can handle.He didn’t tell me much.Pamela Hornberger, R-Chesterfield.

BLACK THE END 2) , the Baller.With less and less traditional bigs coming off the bench, it’s going to be interesting experiment if the Nuggets try to play Plumlee against any kind of perimeter oriented forward center.Is it a sign of better things to come?This team needs me; this offense needs me a lot, he said.

If the coach has been fired, as was the case in Carolina with John Fox, the coach will say their goodbyes and you’re off. In New York, I was there for Tom Coughlin’s last meeting. As usual, the coach was blunt with us about his situation and didn’t sound like a guy who was ready to stop coaching. He had yet to speak with the ownership about his situation. That meeting was tense. I remember walking around and thinking there was no way Coughlin was ready to be finished with coaching.

After the team meeting, it’s time to meet individually with your position coach or coordinator and possibly the head coach. This is when you’re allowed to be honest about the season. I hope players take that opportunity, because the coaches will be honest with you. I’ve had offensive line coaches question me before, and I’ve fired it back at them. It’s also a time to discuss offseason plans, where you will be training, and if you’re a free agent, how to proceed.bears_016-223x223

It was almost a foregone conclusion that the Patriots would win this game.

The Titans carried a 7-0 lead into the second quarter, but they couldn’t hold off New England at home.

The Patriots don’t often trail after the first quarter. It’s only happened nine times since Tom Brady took over as the starter in 2001, according to NFL Research. The Patriots have won just four of those, including this divisional game against the Titans.

The Glazers chartered five small planes to take those among the staff and players who wanted to go to Charlotte on Saturday, and arranged for all of them to return to Tampa.

Gruden smacked the daylights out of this football McDonough was holding to illustrate how he used a noodle to teach Carson Wentz the fundamentals of ball protection at his quarterbacks academy.

It may not be the most tried and tested method. Wentz fumbled nine times, losing five, before his season was cut short by a torn ACL.

‘”I’m very encouraged with our roster and I’m encouraged with the organization’s approach to the roster, the way the coaches are coaching our players, the way we’re utilizing our talent,” Dimitroff said. “We’ve become more and more aware as we’ve stayed together with the continuity of our staff, that it’s very beneficial to how we can continue develop players, and continue to play with the roster.

Nobody I know pays for cable. We’re all transient. We all moved to big cities, back and forth. Everybody I know pays for something like Hulu, Netflix, HBOGo; it’s just not cable. There’s a lot of disposable income to be had, there’s just nobody that is organizing it. Everyone I know who lives on their own is doing a whole combination of s— like I am. Reddit is my preferred way, just because they organize it so well. I used to do a lot more janky stuff back in the day, which was much worse. If I can’t find a game on Reddit I’ll search Twitter, but that is always a backup.

Sunday’s total is set at 39.5 points. The OVER is 5-0 in the last five games between Buffalo and Jacksonville.

Ranking in the bottom eight of the league in both total offense and total defense, the Bills would have to consider themselves lucky to have made the postseason this year. They’ll need that luck to carry over into the playoffs to have a shot at an upset in Jacksonville.bears_002-223x223

So how did Smith play after the tape was graded?

Jeff Fisher: Fisher says he feels “young and charged up” and wants another shot at coaching. But does any team in the league really want to deal with his 7-9 bullshit?

Josh McDaniels: This should be another year, another slew of interviews for the architect of New England’s top-ranked offense. But Tom Brady’s almost certainly sticking around, so McDaniels may not want to leave the Patriots.

I’m from Philadelphia and I’m a Philly sports fan so I’ll watch the Eagles game every week, and then usually stream two other games at the same. Tom Brady is my favorite player and I’m a big Joey Bosa fan, so I’ll watch their games too. I love all sports, and I work from a home office, so I’ll usually stream up to three different games at a time using Reddit and Chromecast pretty much every day that I’m home.

Smith’s instincts are there, and he flashed good straight-line speed and an ability to find the ball, close on the ballcarrier, and arrive at him violently, which is sort of Linebacking 101.

Smith’s change of direction and reactionary athleticism aren’t where they once were. As a result, this game he was strictly an off-ball linebacker, which protects him to some degree. But he played the position, and played it well. Given the doubts that Smith could make it this far (I’ll raise my hand there), that much is certainly worth applauding.

The Glazers also have put up in hotels the team personnel and families still without power. Meanwhile, much of the legwork fell to COO Brian Ford, senior manager of team operations Tim Jarocki and director of player engagement Duke Preston. They’d come up with contingency plans for practice this week in Minneapolis, Dallas and at the Greenbrier in West Virginia; worked with people like team nutritionist Kevin Luhrs on making sure players were getting what they needed; and then assisted in making sure everyone got back as fast as possible.

And they were scattered. Players had to get back from Georgia, both Carolinas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Texas, California, Wyoming, Louisiana, Ohio and Alabama. And tight end Anthony Auclair was in Canada. The Glazers set up charters on Tuesday from a pair of hubs to Tampa, asking players to get to those hubs, to circumvent the effects of the crush of people trying to return to the area. In the end, they somehow got it done in time for Koetter to address the team Tuesday night, which allowed for a relatively normal week ahead of the Bears game on Sunday.

His other favorite prop is a pool noodle. Sean McDonough should have learned from Mike Tirico’s experience. Don’t stand near Jon Gruden when he’s got any kind of prop in his hand.nationals_014

Doug Pederson’s risky decision to kick a field goal paid off for the Eagles

The Eagles’ decision to call a timeout before kicking a field goal midway through the fourth quarter almost cost them against the Falcons. Instead, it ended up being a good call.

After going on a lengthy drive, the Eagles faced with a fourth-and-1 from the Atlanta 3-yard line with 6:05 to go. The Eagles initially kept the offense on the field to go for it, but head coach Doug Pederson called a timeout.

The field-goal unit then went out onto the field to give the Eagles at 15-10 lead. It left them with two timeouts for the final 6:02.

The Falcons got the ball all the way down to the 2-yard line and faced a fourth-and-goal with 1:05 left in the game. The Falcons threw an incomplete pass to Jones, giving the Eagles the 15-10 win.

Pederson ended up making the right choice, but for a minute there, it was looking quite bad. The Eagles will move on to the NFC Championship game.

Thanks to a trade with the Houston Texans during the 2017 NFL draft, the Browns are also set up with two top-five picks after Houston finished the season 4-12 with a Week 17 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. That locked up the No. 4 pick for the Browns, just behind the Giants (No. 2) and the Colts (No. 3).

The first 20 picks were decided in Week 17, but the final 12 won’t be determined until the playoffs are through. The four teams that are eliminated in the Wild Card round will own picks 21-24, and so on until the Super Bowl loser picks No. 31 and the team that hoists the Lombardi Trophy gets the No. 32 pick.

There were three ties for spots in the draft order, but only the 49ers and Raiders will go to a coin flip to decide. The ties between Washington and Green Bay, and Dallas and Detroit were decided by a tiebreaker of records against common opponents in the NFC.